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Cycle tour – Italy update

Posted in Italy,Touring by luluboo on 15/03/2010
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Here’s a quick photo update of my travels so far…

After arriving in Paris and travelling across it to Gare du Bercy my first challenge awaiting – getting my lovely big bike into a little bag I could carry on the train (along with everything else…)

Hey presto:

Ok, so I did need to beg for help from passing passengers in order to get everything on the train, and pay a €5 tip to a black-market porter at Rome to get it on the Caserta train, but we arrived in a state of more-or-less completeness (less a few items of excess clothing I left on the train…). The next stage was putting it back together…

With a little help from Francesco and friends.

So, after after I got to Benevento (see previous post) the weather remained pretty grim for two more days. 

As a result I stayed with Massimo and his family for three nights, exploring Benevento (which has a great deal of history and interesting buildings, but doesn’t always get a mention since it shares its locality with Naples) and of course enjoying Italian hospitality.

Finally the good weather arrived and on Friday morning I set off with Massimo to Savignano. Since he needed to work the next day, Massimo headed back to Benevento but not before ensuring I got a good place to stay with the town’s hospice Centro Medico Sociale ‘Don Orione’.

They very kindly put me up in one of the consulting rooms, then took me out to a fantastic Italian dinner involving lots of Apertivo, Antipasti and Dolce. Mmm!

So the next day I headed off with Giovani, who gave me a quick tour (and slightly boozy cappuccino) of the neighbouring village of Montelione (named by the settlers after their home city of Lyon) before bumping into Massimo, who had finished work and come looking for us.

After a bit of a stop-start (weather and finding a place to leave Massimo’s car issues) we headed off to Lavello. The weather and the place turned out to be a bit of a let-down, so I won’t bother with photos or stories.  The next day the weather was fabulous and involved lots of lovely scenic riding / recovering moments. But that will have to wait for my next blog since I’m almost out of time…


(Check out the Flickr link – loads more photos added to my account)


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  1. Heather said,

    Seems like there’s always a man around when you need one, Lu. Keep those pedals turning – downhill all the way to the coast now.


  2. Jacqui said,

    Hello 🙂 !!

    How’s your first week been? Love all the photos 🙂

    How’s the couch surfing/camping going? Hope the weather’s being good to you.

    Take care,

  3. Bob Stevenson said,

    Hi Laura, staying with your mum and dad
    this is just a test to see if the connection works!
    Looks like you are having great fun already . Good luck. Uncle bob.

  4. Mike Smith said,

    Great adventure. I’ll be jealously watching your progress! Hope all goes well.

    Mike Smith(NZ)

  5. John Birchenough said,

    Good Luck Laura! – Following you from a hot and dusty Sudan!

  6. Andrew said,

    Hi Lulu (?). Just linked to your blog via the Eurovelo 5 Facebook group. Very jealous that you are already in full swing on your cycling adventure – I have to wait until July for mine to start – but I will hopefully be meeting up with Massimo as well (he has been in contact via my own blog at ). I’ll keep following your adventures. Good luck!!!!

    • luluboo said,

      Hi Andrew,

      Good luck with your preparations! It sounds as though you’re well on with your preps, and don’t worry – Massimo will take excellent care of you. Have a great time, I hope my (rather erratic) blog entries give you a bit of a feel for what to expect from Italy – one thing that struck me was the association and emphasis on good food – which as you know is highly important when you have the appetite of a long-distance cyclist…

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